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Every month, stock prices, precious metal prices, real estate, cryptocurrency, and open-end fund prices are all updated.

To see current stock prices, click on the graph above the Balance Sheet.

You can only sell stocks in the Stock Market window, not buy them.

The purchase price and current market price of your investment are displayed in Assets. That way, you understand if you should sell your Assets to lock in your profits.

Selling Securities

Look through the Stock Price chart to find your asset. If you want to sell it, click the Coin icon next to its stock price.

Short Selling

To close the short position:

  1. Click on your stocks in Liabilities
  2. Put down the number of stocks to close
  3. Click OK
  4. Cross your stocks off the Liabilities Sheet.

Selling Real Estate

Your property’s price will change every month, along with changes in the real estate market.

The purchase price and current market price of your property are displayed in the Balance Sheet.

Sometimes you have to sell your property to get money for other projects. You can do it at any time, just click your property title in Assets.

You set the initial price. The lower the price, the higher the probability of someone making a purchase.

If you’ve sold your property, cross all of its data off the Balance Sheet:

  1. Cross its Income off the Income Sheet
  2. Cross the amount of time you were spending on the property off the Time Flow Sheet
  3. Cross the property’s price off the Assets Sheet

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