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During a day off you can get some rest, recharge, travel, spend time with friends and family.



You can either choose to carve out additional working hours, or get some rest and cheer yourself up. The choice is yours.

Don’t overwork. Bad mood makes you less productive. On the other hand, with a great mood, you’ll have more energy and motivation for success.

At the start of the game, your character is very work-oriented and struggles with a work-life balance. To fix that and be able to rest on the "Day Off" square, you'll need to learn the time management technique devoted to rest.



Days Off also give you an opportunity to mingle and network with people. We live in a society, so the ability to connect with people determines one’s success. Right connections help us find partners and ideas, cut costs, and accelerate the work process.

Some examples of the right connections:

  • The supervisor you know will help you to get promoted;
  • The government official you know will help you find a lucrative business deal;
  • The developer you know will help you to get a great property deal;
  • The investor you know will help you sell your business;
  • The real estate agent you know will help you sell your property;
  • The broker you know will inform you about stock market changes;
  • The art curator you know will help you benefit from art investments;
  • The journalist you know will help you when your business is under attack.

To develop your relationship skills, visit seminars on that topic on the “Education” square.

You can make some unique connections while doing charity.

The Dream


On this square, you can also fulfill your Dream – that is, achieve one of the game’s goals.

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