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Major events are very rare, life-changing events that happen when you land on a red square.

Changes in the Family

You may get married and, subsequently, have children. Your parents may retire and need your help. These once-in-a-lifetime events directly affect your cash flow, expenses, and time. Your market basket expands as your family grows. It also depends on your income: the more you make, the more you spend.


Illnesses, losses, property damage. Often, you can soften the blow by getting insurance.

Issues with your Assets

Every business and every property comes with a set of risks, from a supply chain disruption to corporate raid attempts. It's impossible to predict these issues and prepare for them beforehand.

Financial Crisis

A financial crisis can happen for a number of reasons, with political instability and stock market turbulence among them.

During a financial crisis you’ll observe:

  • The decline of ROI on businesses and real estate;
  • A drop in real estate pricing & rental value;
  • Wages drop

A financial crisis can go on for a few years. An economic situation may stabilize after some time, but you’ll have to adjust to a new economic environment for a while.

You can look at a financial crisis from two different angles: while some may want to wait it out, others may see it as a perfect opportunity for investment.

In any case, a Crisis Management seminar will be useful. Timely measures will help you alleviate the negative effects of the financial crisis.

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