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MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.

Within the MLM scheme, MLM participants get their revenue from the distribution of the company’s products and from their own network of distributors selling said products.

MLM gives an opportunity to start your own business with little money and risks.

Commissions from MLM grow along with your turnover. Therefore, the only way to increase your income drastically is to build your own network of distributors. It requires leadership skills and high motivation levels. You can develop them with the help of appropriate seminars.

With MLM, there is an opportunity to succeed but no guarantees.

MLM in Timeflow

You can find the MLM card on an “Opportunity” square > “Business”.

Initially, your income will be very insignificant. To build your network, you'll have to attend MLM seminars on an "Education" square. After each seminar, you "level up" in MLM, and your income grows. There are six levels overall: from "Basic" to "Diamond".

Higher levels provide high income and require a moderate amount of time.

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