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Education is an opportunity to improve your skills substantially and be more productive. There are three main types: higher education, training courses, and time management techniques.

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Higher Education

This is the most important kind of education; necessary for any business and career. You can major in three main fields: humanities, tech, and economics.

Getting your first higher education takes four years, the second one-two years.

Almost every character has a degree already, so it’s best to choose the type of business connected to your field of study.

Technology Education

Includes IT, Construction, Extractive Industry, and Engineering.

Humanities Education

Includes Arts & Crafts and Teaching.

Economics Education

Includes Finances, Law, Management. Necessary for business.


Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a pricey program, necessary for business development. This degree gives you access to exclusive seminars and training courses. You can study full-time or part-time, depending on your circumstances.

Professional Education

It gives you specific knowledge within a particular professional field. It usually requires about a year of your time. Knowledge and skills, provided by professional education, are necessary for every business but become irrelevant every ten years. You can always renew your knowledge by attending a training course.

Education in Marketing

It gives you the skills needed for attracting customers. Marketing knowledge is essential for any customer-oriented business.

Education in Management

With this school, you’ll learn how to build a team and how to delegate your tasks.


They are usually short-term, with the first results visible after a few months. Introductory courses Business planning and home evaluation skills will let you assess your projects more accurately. Basic trading knowledge will let you buy any stocks and securities, not just the ones that first came to hand. You’ll need a “Planning” time-management technique.

Job Training

It's necessary for getting a pay raise or moving up the career ladder.

Marketing & Management Seminars

They boost up your business, making it more profitable. Some seminars are only accessible to MBA graduates.

Networking Seminars

They teach you to develop your communicational skills, to network and form connections with people, to handle conflicts.

How to Break Bad Habits

Some courses allow you to break your bad habits, saving you time and money. You’ll need a “Goal Setting” time-management course.

MLM seminars

You can use them to gain network marketing skills.

Seminars for Art Investors

You will learn about art deals and recognizing fakes.

  1. Click at the title of the seminar/course you want to take
  2. Click the “Purchase” button
  3. You will see the results in a few months.

Time Management Techniques

There are only 24 hours in a day. Still, some people manage to do twice the amount of an average person’s work, if not more. Those are the people that know the value of time and use it efficiently. With time management, you’ll become more productive, effective, and competent. You’ll be able to distinguish urgent tasks and manage them efficiently.

Time Management.png

In the “Time Management” window, all techniques form a “tech tree”, one leading to another. Every technique saves you a certain amount of free time and prevents you from repeating former mistakes. For example, after learning about planning, you’ll never miss deadlines anymore.

Besides, Time Management techniques open up new opportunities for the Player:

  • “Planning” allows you to learn the basics of business planning, real estate evaluation, and stock trading;
  • “Goal Setting” will help you to break bad habits;
  • With the “Resting” technique you can rest and get a higher mood on the “Day Off” square;
  • “Information” technique allows you to choose different types of education on the “Education” square;
  • With “Ideology”, you won’t dismiss your training and will remember the information you’ve learned for a longer time.
  1. Click at the title of the technique you want to learn
  2. Click the “Purchase” button
  3. You will see the results after a few months.

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