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Every time you land on a “New Month” square, you get your income and pay expenses. Income – Expenses = Cash Flow.

Lack-of-Time Penalty

If you lack time, you will be charged a penalty. Its exact amount depends on your income, and on how much time do you lack.

Promotion and demotion

On a “New Month” square, you can finally get promoted. Your hourly rate will grow, and your working hours will decrease!

On the other hand, you can get demoted as well.

1. Drag your new hourly rate into Income 2. Drag the time you spend on work into Time Flow.

Getting Fired

On that same square, you can also get fired. You cannot influence your boss' decision. For a few months after, you'll get multiple offers to come back, albeit sometimes to a lower position.

You can also decide to quit your job. It will save you a lot of time and let you focus on more profitable ventures.

In order to quit, click on your job title in the Balance Sheet:

  1. Cross your hourly rate off Income
  2. Cross the income tax off Expenses
  3. Cross the amount of time you spent on your job off Time Flow.

You'll be able to quit a lower-rank job without notice and any consequences. The higher your position is, the more mutual obligations there are between your employer and you:

  1. If you were fired, your employer is obligated to pay you compensation.
  2. If you quit, you will be charged a penalty.

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