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On the “Opportunity”, “News” and “New Month” squares, you can get an additional source of income (one asset per turn).


Like many entrepreneurs, you start your business career as an employee. Every character works in a certain field. It’s a very vulnerable spot to be in – depending on how valuable you are for the company, you can be promoted, demoted, or fired.

The higher your position is, the higher is the salary.

To develop your career further, you can take courses, attend seminars, or get an education in your field.

The Player can also quit their job. At some point, you’ll receive an offer to come back to your old job, or even on a lower-level position. If you decline three times, these offers will stop.

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It’s reasonable to have multiple sources of income. Having your own business or renting real estate can be an insurance policy for your cash flow, even if you’re employed. Both demand high concentration and a lot of free time. Both can be bought with cash or loaned.

The full-time job takes up a lot of time. So, initially, you can only start a small business, especially if you can't manage your time properly yet. As your professional skills grow, your businesses grow, too.

Small business grows into a mid-sized one and brings more income, but also demands more of your time. If you don’t have a full-time job, consider buying a mid-sized or large business.

The Player can have enough free time but still not find interesting deals. In this case, you have to network (with local authorities or people from the construction industry, for example).

Developed business can potentially be interesting for investors: you can sell it for a lucrative price and start a new one.

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Real Estate

Renting housing and commercial estate is also a fairly reliable source of income. Each property requires only a couple of hours of your time per month. It's also a great investment – the Player can always sell their property if market prices are high.

Similarly to business, buying valuable property requires skills and connections.

Another way to make money off of real estate is the "buy low, sell high" approach. Sometimes you'll need to repair your property to up its value. Sometimes market value changes rapidly (goes up or down) for reasons beyond your control, so it's useful to have necessary connections to predict such changes.

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Securities will also be your safety net. Buy some and follow financial news.

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You can start a writing or blogging career. Almost no investments required, apart from your time. No guarantees, either – it's impossible to predict whether you will be popular or not. The more life experience you have, the higher the likelihood of your success – that's for sure.

Great bonus: you will continue to receive royalties for a very long time, even if you don’t work anymore.

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The main goal of any MLM business is to build a sales network and to gradually move to the top of the pyramid. Develop your network, take training courses, attend seminars and meetings. Work more, earn more, and, at some point, you won't need to work anymore as our income will be generated by other people!

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Art & Antiquities Investments

From one-time "buy low, sell high" deals to a complicated market of modern art. You can be an art dealer or start your own art gallery. Your goal is to promote your artists. No one can guarantee you success but right connections, a college degree in humanities and relevant training increase your chances.

Art objects can cost way more than businesses, real estate, or securities.

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