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If you’ve got a negative cash flow (your expenses exceed your income, that is), it’ll lead you to bankruptcy sooner or later!


Bankruptcy doesn't mean the game is over! It just means a lack of cash to pay the bill here and now.

To continue playing, you have to sell your assets (and sometimes liabilities) at a lower price. The Balance Sheet will appear. But this time, you’ll have to cross the asset you’re selling off from all lists it was included in: Assets/Liabilities, Income and Time.

Bankruptcy Balance.png

You can immediately sell:

  • Household objects, doodads, consumer goods bought earlier, impulse purchases, entertainment, and expensive toys – for 50% of the initial price
  • Business – 50%
  • Real Estate – 75%
  • Stock and securities – 100%

If you make enough money to pay off debt, the game will continue, if not – your bankruptcy is permanent. This is the second possible game ending.

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