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The game board is divided into 12 months, seven squares each. Each square has its own color and meaning:

Game Board.png

  1. Blue square – News
  2. Orange square – Routine (everyday spendings and tasks)
  3. Yellow square – Education
  4. Green square – Opportunity
  5. Purple square – Day off
  6. Red square – Major Event
  7. Grey square with a picture on it – New Month

The player has two most valuable resources – the time and money.

On the left, there is a Balance Sheet that helps to track the Time Flow and Cash Flow and includes Income, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, and Time.

Balance Sheet.png

Roll the dice to move your token around the game board.

Game basics Overview * The Goal * Characters * Balance Sheet * Filing the Balance * Making Money * Bankruptcy
Cards and squares Opportunity * News * Education * Routine * Major Event * Day Off * New Month
Making Money Employment * Business * Real Estate * Securities * MLM * Art Investment * Royalties
Tools Bank * Auction * Stocks
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