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At the start, you can choose one of the characters. They all have unique features:

Character Selection.png

  • Job title (each character occupies a particular level on the career ladder)
  • Higher Education (in tech, humanities, or economics)
  • Professional education (in management, marketing, networking skills)
  • Property (from a smartphone to a car) that saves you time and/or increases your expenses.
  • Bad habits (such as smoking or internet addiction). Bad habits make you waste time and/or money.
  • Family and kids: the main reason we live and work.
  • Savings.


Shows your character’s age. You will retire at the age of 65, and the game will end. Your goal is to win the game before you retire.

Difficulty Modes

Every character is assigned to a certain difficulty level:

  1. Easy. A minimal number of accidents, no high expenses. Single-child family. Education can't get irrelevant. A financial crisis may happen in at least 12 years after the start. No forgeries when investing in art. Books and blogs are easy to promote.
  2. Normal. Accidents are possible. Two-child family. Education gradually becomes less relevant. A financial crisis may happen in at least eight years after the start.
  3. Hard. Your business is prone to accidents and high expenses. You can also lose your business completely. Three-child family. A financial crisis may happen in 4 years after the start.
  4. Expert. Hard mode + special starting conditions.

You can also choose your profile picture (click arrows on each side of the default picture).

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