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Initially, your main goal is to simply have enough cash to make a living. A steady paycheck is enough at first, but not long-term, as the expenses increase (for example, when starting a family). Your main goal is to ensure your passive income – cash flow that requires little to no time and effort on your part – from business, rent, financial securities, intellectual property, etc.

The ultimate goal (as well as the game’s logical finale) is to fulfill your dream of choice. It can be your personal quirk such as buying a sports car, a spiritual goal such as a round-the-world trip, or an altruistic purpose.

You can fulfill your dream on a “Day off” square. You don’t have to buy it as soon as you can – what if you could invest your savings?

To win the game, you have to achieve four goals:

  1. Fulfill the dream you chose at the beginning of the game.
  2. Your cash flow has to exceed your expenses.
  3. You have to have no less than ₮5.000.000 in cash
  4. You have to have at least 200 free hours per month.

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