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If you land on a green “Opportunity” square, you receive an offer to invest your money: in business, real estate, or securities.

Let’s consider business.

Business Card.png

Business has a remarkably high ROI but carries a lot of risks and requires a lot of your time.

There are small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

  • Small business is your personal gig and needs less than 100k investment.
  • Mid-sized business is often an already established company that you can buy for less than a million.
  • Large business is a big-scale company that usually requires more than one million of investments.

In the "Purchase" window, you'll see the price, expected return, and time needed per month.

These stats determine whether you can do this business: you won’t be able to succeed if you don’t have enough time. Before your purchase, you should consider the Return on Investment and viability.

Return on Investment

ROI essentially means payback. How long will it take for the company to recoup invested funds?

  • 200% ROI means that in one year, your business will fully pay back twice and will reach profitability in half a year.
  • 100% ROI means that the business will pay back fully in one year. You’ll get net profit in one year.
  • 50% return means that you’ll get only half of your investments back after one year of operating a business. You will reach profitability in two years.
  • 25% return means that in a year, the company will pay back a quarter of invested money. Net profit in 4 years.

The higher the rate of return, the better.


Viability indicates your company’s prospects. This could mean increased profit or less time spent on business. You can optimize your work using your education, skills, and making the right decisions in complicated situations. We advise developing the kind of business you have the most talent for.

The higher the viability, the better.

Time Frame for Reaching Profitability

Another important aspect. If you buy an already existing business, you’re getting profit from the get-go. On the other hand, if you’re creating your business from scratch, it may take a few months. The sooner you start to get profit, the better.

Business Acquisition

If you have enough time and money, you can buy a business. Push the “Purchase” button and drag the data into your Balance Sheet.

  1. Your income – to Income
  2. Business net worth – to Assets
  3. Time spent – to Time Flow.

Business Loans

If you don’t have enough money, you can get a loan (press a button with a bank vault). Drag your loan into your Balance Sheet.

  1. Loan payments — to Expenses
  2. The loan amount – to Liabilities.

Business Events

From time to time, you'll have to make all kinds of decisions regarding your business: from negotiating with suppliers to attracting customers, dealing with competitors, and investing in products. The same decision can lead to a different result in each individual case, so there are no go-to answers.

Scaling your Business

The business you’ve bought develops in its field, so, for example, small copywriting business gradually grows into a mid-sized advertising agency and then – into a large media group.

Possible Risks

Business is a “high risk, high return” field. For example:

  • The launch of the project can take more time than expected;
  • You can get less income than expected;
  • During a financial crisis, business suffers the most;
  • A chain of bad decisions can bring your business down;
  • A successful business can fall victim to a hostile takeover or even a corporate raid.

Selling a Business

Sometimes it’s better to sell some assets to have more time for more profitable projects. You can sell your business at any time. To sell your business, click on it on the Asset page. Then cross all of the data off your Balance Sheet.

  1. Cross the income off Income
  2. Cross the time needed for the business off Time Flow
  3. Cross the business net worth off Assets.


You can make money from business in exchange for your time. It is more profitable than other forms of investment. Choose the most promising and highest-paying business. Develop your business for a higher profit. Sell your business and get more time and money for your next ventures.

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