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An art piece is an aesthetically pleasing durable good, and also an asset, the cost of which usually increases with time. It's hard to evaluate the potential return of an art piece.

Historically, though, long-term art investments are almost guaranteed to bring profit.

A work of art is made by a human being with their own life story. This story and the myth surrounding the artist is the main value of an art piece.

In TimeFlow, you can invest in art on "Opportunity" and "News" squares.

  • Small Business: antiques
  • Mid-sized Business: modern art
  • Large Business: classical art


This is a simple, cheap, and low-risk way of investing in art. You buy a piece you like on a flea market to sell it online later. The price is no higher than ₮10.000. There's a chance to stumble upon a really valuable piece, see other buyers, and, of course, there's always a chance of buying a fake.

Modern Art

This is the art that was created in the 20th century onward.

There is a huge number of different art movements and styles in modern art. Unlike with Classical and Ancient art, art objects don't have to be complex. It's the idea and the author's style and personality that matters the most.

Over time, some works may be worth hundreds and thousands of times their initial price.

To understand modern art, you have to study art history and analyze current trends. A degree in humanities, right connections, and some specific seminars will help.

A possible reward is an enormous money you can make on modern art; a possible letdown is a time and money spent on mediocre artists.

How do I invest in modern art in this game?

You can buy a work of modern art for a fixed price to resell it later. With the necessary knowledge (and a bit of luck), you may buy something that eventually will increase in value dramatically. Without knowledge of this subject, it's highly likely you purchase something that will go out of style very soon.

You can also try to sponsor and market one particular artist for a fee -- you'll have to attend seminars for art dealers and get familiar with all kinds of artistic events: from contests to promotional campaigns, to exhibitions.

As your client becomes a prominent artist, you'll get a cut from every painting sold.

If you're lucky, your knowledge and/or your connections will get you a truly promising artist who will bring success to both of you.

To invest in modern art, choose "Opportunity" --> Mid-sized business.

Classical art

This is the least profitable type of art investment. The price of classical paintings slowly goes up over time, but never as dramatically as with modern art. You can count on a steady income -- higher than that from a bank deposit and with less time needed.

The biggest concern when buying classical art is the risk of getting a fake. To avoid that, get a degree in humanities and get to know more people in this field.

To invest in classical art, while on a green “Opportunity” square, choose Large Business.

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