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The routine includes life events you have no control over: unexpected expenses, impulse purchases, planning mistakes, force majeure. If you land on a "Routine" square, you inevitably lose money.

Spending Money

Your purchases can be insignificant, such as souvenirs, or considerable, such as vacations and trips. Your expenses grow along with your income, and at some point, you start to splurge.

If you spend more than you have, the bank will lend you money.

It’s always advised to have some cash saved in case of unexpected expenses, although the more cash your character has, the more they are tempted to spend it.

If you make a Routine purchase, you’ll be able to sell it only in case of bankruptcy.

Waste of Time

Time-wasting is a result of faulty planning. You can stay at your desk for too long, get stuck in traffic, or be late for a meeting. All these mishaps waste your time. Use time management techniques to eliminate them and organize your day.

From time to time, you can slip on your planning and forget what you’ve learned about time management. In that case, you’ll have to attend the training seminar again.

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