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On a blue "News" square, you can see a list of ongoing events and offers, and make appropriate financial decisions.


Decisions regarding your Assets

If you have a business and/or property, you have to make decisions about its development. Do you need new suppliers? Or maybe a new office? Should you invest in advertising? Do you need to improve your property or sell it as is? Decisions cost time and money. With the right decisions, you can optimize and develop your business and your property.

News regarding your Assets

Every project has its good times and bad times. A “Bad Month” card means that your business or property has suffered losses. To receive a “Good Month” card means to get double or triple your average income. Optimized Assets are less prone to problems and often bring higher-than-average profit.

Business purchase offers

If you've successfully developed your business, you will be able to sell it. In that case, you will get the full cost of your business plus several months or even years' worth of income. With the right connections, you'll be able to find higher-paying customers.

Real estate purchase offers

Sometimes you can renovate or upgrade your property for a relatively small price. In that case, you can resell it with a large margin. Renovation does not guarantee a great deal; there is still risk involved.

Stock market news

This is useful info for any stock investor. If a share price plunges, you have to close your short position. If it goes up rapidly, it’s time to sell your shares. If you have a broker you're familiar with, they can inform you about upcoming market changes. It’ll help you to make a more thought-out decision.

Financial crisis notification

When the financial crisis starts, you can view the latest details in the News. Everything will change: Income from businesses and real estate, salaries, etc.

Charitable requests

You can help those in need. By giving to charity, you’re doing community service, and it will definitely pay off with new connections and opportunities. Remember: only by giving you can receive more than you already have.

Insurance deals

In this game, it’s up to you to decide if you want to buy insurance. Insurance protects you from emergencies, allows you to save time and money when doing damage control.

If you buy insurance, put its cost into Expenses.

Hiring personal assistants

You can also hire a personal assistant, driver, and/or babysitter. These people will save your time in exchange for your money. Think about it: what if your time is actually more valuable than the money you spend?

If you hire help, put their salaries into Expenses.

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