Filing the Balance

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In most games, all purchases in the inventory are sorted out automatically. In TimeFlow you have to sort all the data out yourself.

Filling the balance.png

For example, you started a new business:

  • The cost of the business – to Assets
  • Income from the business – to Income
  • The time needed for business – to Time, accordingly

Or you got a new job:

  • Your pay – to Income
  • Income Tax – to Expenses
  • The time needed for work – to Time Flow

You took a loan:

  • The amount of money borrowed – to Liabilities
  • Monthly payments – to Expenses

You’re getting another degree:

  • Tuition payments – to Expenses
  • The amount of time needed – to Time

If you quit your job or sell any of your properties, record those changes in the Balance Sheet.

If the Player incorrectly sorted out the data, the game will not proceed until you do it correctly.

As soon as you get basic principles of maintaining your Balance Sheet, you can always turn the auto mode on, and the game will sort your data automatically.

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