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If you land on a green “Opportunity” square, you receive an offer to invest your money either in business, real estate, or securities.



Business can be small, mid-sized, or large:

  • Small business is your personal gig and needs less than a ₮100k investment.
  • Mid-sized business is an already established company that you can buy for one million or less.
  • Big business is a large-scale company that requires more than one million of investments.

The business has the highest ROI out of all possible ventures but requires the most of your time.

Real estate

Real estate can also be:

  • Small – the cost is below ₮300k – a land lot, a billboard, or a country house
  • Mid-sized – residential and commercial property under 3 million.
  • Large – big-budget projects that cost more than 3 million.

Real estate has a moderate ROI but takes up little time.


Investing in securities means investing in stocks, open-end funds, precious metals, and cryptocurrency.

This market has a remarkably low ROI and high risks but doesn’t require any of your time.

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